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Wholesale supply
of meat
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“Agroalliance MT” is one of the leading meat importers and distributors in Saint-Petersburg and North-West Region of Russia. The company offers wide variety of beef and pork products paying primary attention to the quality of the goods and services.

The main objective of the company is guaranteed supply of all customers with ecologically clean and high-quality meat products.

“Agroalliance MT” has high reputation among foreign exporters, Russian wholesale companies and meat processing plants.

The company was the first Russian meat importer to start the deliveries of beef shiploads from South America to the Russian market after reopening of that region by the Russian veterinary authorities in 2002. Beef import from South America stillremains one of the company's priorities.

“Agroalliance MT” deals on a regular basis with more than 200 Russian companies. We work with customers from Kaliningrad to the Far East and source best quality products from the leading producers and trading companies from EU, the USA, Latin America, Australia and other counties all over the world.

High skilled and experienced team as well as professional cooperation with reliable forwarding and transport companies allow us to provide first class service to our customers.

“Agroalliance MT” is your reliable partner in the world of meat trade.